Rerwind AI

What is Rewind AI? Find Anything You’ve Seen, Said, or Heard

We always tend to forget the main points covered in the meetings, the data we have searched, or maybe the visuals we are looking for.

But the thing is that we usually forgot where we kept all of this.

To solve the challenge Dan Siroker(Ceo & Co-founder) and his team founded Rewind AI, a platform that allows its users to transform their computers into personal AI assistants.

This application really changes the way we remember and fetch information, making it an important tool for productivity and efficiency.

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The Rewind AI App is a platform through which a person can record all activities performed on a Mac, including visual, auditory, and textual data, making it easily searchable.

Rewind is currently available for Mac users only.

The record allows users to revisit past actions, search for specific words or phrases, and even transcribe Zoom meetings. 

The core advantage of Rewind is its ability to eliminate the fear of forgetting important details, as users can quickly retrieve any information they need in a matter of seconds.

Introducing Ask Rewind AI

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Rewind got the latest update by introducing “Ask Rewind,” a powerful feature integrated with GPT-4. 

Previously, users had to manually search for specific keywords or scroll through extensive records to find the desired information, which was time-consuming and inefficient. 

However, with Ask Rewind, users can now rely on AI to perform this task without your effort. 

Users can now simply ask a question or describe what they need, and the AI will locate the requested information. 

How to Research, Write, and Study with Ask Rewind AI

Ask Rewind’s potential becomes visible when conducting research or studying.

Instead of moving through multiple articles and videos, users can utilize Ask Rewind to obtain summarized versions of their sources. 

The AI can summarize multiple articles on a given topic, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points within just a snap. 

Moreover, users can now ask questions about the articles or request plain-language explanations, enabling a deeper understanding. 

Ask Rewind even goes as far as generating blog posts or articles based on gathered information, streamlining the content creation process.

Reply to Emails Fast with Ask Rewind

Managing emails and messages become more convenient with Ask Rewind.

Now users can easily obtain summaries of email threads or understand the context of conversations without switching between apps and tabs. 

Additionally, Ask Rewind can create high-quality emails by leveraging the AI’s knowledge of previous interactions and the user’s relationship with the recipient.

This feature saves time and ensures accuracy and creates appropriate responses.

Summarizing Meetings and Reviewing Your Day

For individuals who frequently attend online meetings, Ask Rewind will be a life safer for them.

The AI can summarize meetings, highlight action items and decisions, and help users catch up on missed information. 

Furthermore, Ask Rewind facilitates personal reflection by allowing users to review their day or week. 

It provides insights into productivity levels, areas of improvement, and patterns of procrastination. Now users can make adjustments and optimize their daily routines.


Ask Rewind is an incredible feature but there are some areas where it lacks

  • Currently, there is no conversation history, once a query is closed, it cannot be retrieved without re-asking the question.
  • Providing an option to copy the generated content will be a plus.

Although the application is incredible, it comes with a lot of advantages and I hope they’ll bring more features.


Rewind is no doubt an incredible application for Mac users currently, as Ask Rewind is powered with Chat GPT4, providing us with a powerful personal assistant.

Its ability to locate and summarize information across various sources makes it a must-use tool for researchers, students, and professionals. 

While it has some limitations, its potential to enhance productivity and streamline tasks is quite good.

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